Ok so here’s my account of what happened at the Kellogg’s tour in Ontario

The last post I made, I made on my phone right after it got out and I didn’t have to fully recount what happened.  

The moments before they each had their mishaps are slightly fuzzy.  During that part of the show there were what felt like a million things going on all at once so I only really saw the tail end of each situation (from when McKayla landed wrong through getting carried out, and from when Aly fell). That being said, here’s how I remember it:

So there are two uneven bars set up and each of the girls are doing little mini routines.  They’re all doing it simultaneously, and every time one girl dismounted from the bars the next one was right up there doing their thing.  I looked over just when McKayla landed (feet apart and sort of crouched if I recall correctly) and she either fell right after she landed or took a hop and then fell.  Either way she was on the ground and she wasn’t really getting back up.  Aly (who was preparing for her turn on bars) came over to see if she was ok.  Two medics noticed that Mack was down so they came running over, she must have said she was hurt because they both picked her up between them and carried her out of the arena.  I had time to take this quick picture:

Aly was up so she went on (she might have been doing a sort of synchronized routine with Gabby who was on the other one) but during one of the releases onto the high bar (or off of, I was watching Gabby at the time) I’m guessing she didn’t catch it because I saw her fall and land on the mat behind the higher bar, only there wasn’t enough mat behind it because when she landed face first, her legs smacked against the concrete floor of the arena behind it.  I could hear it from where I was sitting.  I’m pretty sure my heart stopped.

Thankfully Aly (being the trooper that she is) got up and walked over to one of the chalk bowls but after a short time (I think she might have been talking to the person who was also at the chalk bowl) she walked out of the arena, to I assume the medics.

Needless to say, I couldn’t really enjoy the rest of the show as I was sick with worry for the both of them (McKayla in particular).

Here’s a picture of the uneven bar setup that Aly fell from:


Also, I knew they weren’t coming back when they did the rings bit with just Jordyn, Kyla, and Gabby :’(

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